Thursday, May 1, 2014

Handbag spotlight: Prada Saffiano Tote Bag


1. Prada Saffiano Lux double zip tote bag $2330

2. Tory Burch Robinson tote $575

3. Zara $100

4.Michael Kors Sutton $368

5. Ralph Lauren Taylor double zip shopper $268


Ok, so I'm a bit obsessed with the Parda Saffiano tote bag but the pricetag I'm not too crazy about. To be honest I can't afford a $2,000 bag. However, that hasn't stopped me from lusting over it! There's just something about the elegant structure of the bag, it's simple hardware, and practical compartments that just appeals to me. So in an effort to appease my bag envy and treat myself to something nice at the same time I went on a hunt for a similar structure bag, that boasted all the same features with a more budget friendly pricetag. I went to Nordstrams with one of my closest guy friends and was surprised by all the bags I saw that offered the same features I liked in the Prada bag. I ended up buying this in the color "luggage", but I thought I would create a post about all the different brands offering such similar styles just in case someone else out there was searching for a cheaper yet well made handbag.

*All bags feature a double zipper, two compartments on the inside with a inner pocket and strap to use as a crossbody


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