Friday, August 17, 2012

my back back to school must haves.

In about a week I'll be starting my junior year of college and I usually make  a list of certain products and items Id like to purchase before the start of the semester. This year I'm loving a variety of different trends (ie. floral pants, neon, leather, peplum, crosses) as well as beauty products. Earlier this year Maybelline came out with their Baby Lips product and I loved it so much. Since then Ive been trying out there other products. Their new BB 3-in-1 skin Perfector is definitely on my list.  In my last post I featured Revlons Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain and its a really great product so I think a nice nude color would be great for school (i think their Honey or Precious colors would be perfect)! I'm loving anything with crosses on them right now from jewelery to clothing,this site has some great jewelery featuring crosses (this being my favorite piece). Also the peplum trend is one of the most flattering trends I think for people with body issues, it helps shape the body perfectly so I'll definitely need a Peplum top for school. Both H&M and Zara feature great choices of peplum tops. I recently went shopping and purchased this Michael Kors bag in the brown for school and I think I just need a wallet to complement it :) (I'm also thinking about getting this color). While at the store I was looking at their watches and I honestly would settle for any one of them but a gold watch has been on my list for ages. What are some of the things you guys have on your list?
Hope everyone is well!
xo Tiffany


  1. Love that nail color.
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  2. I think these items are definitely essential. Love the watch and peplum top!


  3. Nice items!

  4. I want all of it :D
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    xoxo Eva

  5. I'd take all of those too ...hahah :)

    <3 Elisa

  6. Your right Zara and H&M have such great peplum tops! Good luck on your first week of school! Hope its fun.


  7. this is incred, love the photos
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

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  9. Love the peplum top!

    xo Jennifer

  10. Wow back-to-school is here, I almost forgot :) Nice post! I'm your newest follower, hope you can follow back!

    xx Olivia

  11. Eh eh I thnik the BB is the most essential one!
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  12. This looks very similar to my wishlist :) Love the MK watch and the BB Cream is my list of things to try too!