Wednesday, November 16, 2011

design inspiration

So I'm still on a mission to upgrade my room. The major problem with my room is that I have different color furniture which makes it hard for me to design it the way I would like. I know your probably thinking I should just throw away everything and start from scratch but my mom didn't like that idea at all seeing how I just redid my room last year. She did however agree to buy me a new bed since my current bed is a twin and gives me back problems (well that was my argument anyway). Right now I have mostly wood furniture with a white shelf and glass desk, not to mention my zebra night stand. It makes me laugh thinking about the collage of furniture in this room. Ive been saving inspirational pictures, I'm thinking white with a few black and pink accent pieces. But I'm mostly looking for a white room where I can feel calm and inspired. Ive posted a blog about room design inspirations before but I think these photos capture the look I'm going for much better. If you have any photos you'd like to share feel free! Hope you enjoy the photos and get inspired.


  1. Love these pics..are so cute and romantic ;)
    Great choice ;)

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  2. Hi There! I just came across your blog and love the home decor inspiration you're featuring! I'd love to have a zebra skin floor covering someday as well as a mirrored chest!

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  5. Lovely rooms and so many great details!

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  6. I love these design inspirations. They look really glamorous though and probably out of my price range! I hope that you find a lovely way of decorating your room :).


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  8. Nice spaces!

  9. Great ideas ! Love the last one :)