Friday, September 30, 2011


While still on a misson to upgrade both my room and my wardrobe ive been researching a lot of trends and prints that inspire me. Im slightly obsessive compulsive so i make list of everything all day long. Ive decided to share what im dying to buy this fall with you! I take down prices of each item and map out when ill be able to buy it without going broke. I had a dream i walked into a high fashion store and found everything under 10 dollars. you can imagine my pain when i woke up to find it was only a dream. Anyway have a wonderful day!

1. Black Wedges (Steve Madden 129.95)
2. Well structured skirt (Zara 59.90)
3. Cream sweater (H&M 34.95)
4. Tan Blazer (H&M 34.95)
5. White Blazer (H&M 29.95)
6. Gold watch (Michael Kors 250.00 or Marc by Marc Jacobs 275.00)
TOTAL: 539.70 or 564.70

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