Sunday, September 11, 2011

an affair without end

As i was sitting in my room reading fashion blogs and ogling over so many great fashion ideas the thought struck me that i have ideas of my own. So here i am! ready to share all my fashion, decorating and suggestions for a great romance read. My passion for reading romance books until my eyes blur will soon be evident in my blog. I promise not to over stock this blog with book reviews but rather interesting ideas that stemmed from a novel i read. I'm often inspired a eclectic number of things but like any girl romance moves me. I live in NYC and it would be difficult not to be into fashion when your constantly riding the train with this months fashion "it" girl. I'm constantly reading and searching new decorating ideas and i would love to share some amazing ideas here. The name of this post and a few of my future post are named after a great book i read this summer. Just like the name my relationship with fashion and decorating is a never ending affair of the hearts <3


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